If you're interested in a product that you would like to buy click on the "Order now" button or choose your size from the dropdown menu at the wearable wooden shoes. You will be redirected to the website of 2checkout.com. This company will settlement the payment. If you on the site of 2checkout.com you can fill in the quantity and you can pay in your local currency, like dollars, euros, yen, British Pounds, Swedisch Kroon and so on. All prices on this website are in US dollars. Just click on the righttop of the order on the flag of the currency.

If you would like to buy one piece, then change the quantityand click on "Save and Checkout". Then you be asked to fill in the personal information and the shipping address. If you order a product to give as a present, please fill in their personal information.

Personal information of:

Ship to name: Fill in your own name
Mailing Address: Fill in your address
City: Fill in your City
State or Province: If you live in the US or Canada fill in the State you live. If you live outside the US or Canada choose "Outside US and Canada".
Postal Code: Fill in your ZIP code
Country: Fill in you Country

If you have filled in your personal information then click on "Continue". On the other page you have to fill in your creditcard information.

Ship to name: Fill in your own name
Card Number: Fill in your creditcardnumber
Card Expiration: Choose the expiration date
3 or 4 Digit Code After Card # on Back of Card: Look at the back of your creditcard and fill in the last three digits
Cardholder Name Exactly as it Appears on Card: The name on the creditcard
Card Holder Address: The address of the cardholder
City: City of the cardholder
State or Province: State of Province of the cardholder
Postal Code: ZIP code of the cardholder
Country: Choose
Phone: Fill in you phone number

After you have place an order you'll receive an e-mail confirmation. Also when your order has been shipped you'll receive an e-mail confirmation.

If you have questions about an order please contact us at:
Kamerdalseberg 5
3825 CM Amersfoort
the Netherlands
E-mail: sales{@}dutchsouvenir.com